OBNEAC Tape Club Release 001

by Weak Knees

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released March 22, 2016

Written and performed by Weak Knees:
Josh Peck - Guitar / Vocals
Kilyn Massey - Bass
Brent Hodge - Drums / Background Vocals

Recorded at OBNEAC HQ
Produced by Blake Studdard and Brady Smith
Engineered by Blake Studdard and Connor Schmigle
Mixed at MIR and Connor's House by Dustin Ragland and Connor Schmigle, respectively.
Mastered at MIR by Dustin Ragland
Cover Photo by Brent Hodge
Interior Photo by Mark Elliott
Layout and Art Direction by Seth McCarroll



all rights reserved
Track Name: Easy Now
I wasn't sure how the
Hell I ended up in this predicament
Maybe I've been
Looking back way too long
It started out I had a feeling
I could get in front of it
Maybe you were already sure
That I've been wrong
We had a deal
But lately there's been second thoughts
The only way out has been left to chance
I try to run but I know that I will just get caught
Try to find a way out of this circumstance
Track Name: Endless Bags
Wait now
Show myself an idea
Stay out
I will regret it
You know
Ordinary place

Sell myself a reason
I shout
I should probably
Stop this