OBNEAC Tape Club Release 003

by Labrys

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released May 31, 2016

Music and Lyrics by Penny Pitchlynn
Produced by Blake Studdard, Brady Smith, and Chad Copelin
Mixed by Chad Copelin
Engineered by Blake Studdard and Brady Smith
Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Electronic Drums, and Auxiliary Percussion by Penny Pitchlynn
Drums by Nathan Price
Drums Assistant Engineered by Ben Prosser
Cover Photo by Greer Inez
Art Direction and Layout by Seth McCarroll
Visual Effects by Timothy Elliott



all rights reserved
Track Name: Wicked One
I could get used to this
I can't get out of my head
Don't call me out; I didn't want to run
Don't call me out; I'm not the wicked one

I'm ticking out of time
I'm sick of giving you mine
Don't tear me down; I'm finally getting some
Don't tear me down; I'm not the wicked one

I can do anything, everything
I can go anywhere now
I'm not the kind of kid to give a shit about bringing you down
Think what you want of it, I get a lot of it
I get around
I can do anything, everything
I can go anywhere now
Track Name: Went Sour
One reason to fall out
One reason to back down is all that I need.
I won't compete

The silent self, it sounds appealing
Brings about a burning plead
Turning to greed...went sour

She stumbles somewhere downtown
Lost mind spun upside down
We're full of disease
So hard to please...went sour